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Fast Moving Consumer Goods : 
Better marketing & sales activation with higher ROI

BEFORE: Every country was reinventing the wheel, by creating new assets regularly

for point of sales activation, marketing campaign or digital activation.

'Not invented here syndrome' was the norm.

AFTER: Every market share 3+ best practices monthly, documented with ROI & step by step to copy it. At the receiving end, markets can access a menu of inspiring best practices, giving a variety of solutions that motivates a real 'steal with pride' attitude.

Retail & distribution :
Better in store activation with higher ROI

BEFORE: Very little interaction between stores based in different locations. 

Low digitalisation. Good ideas and best practices do not get shared at scale.

AFTER:  Every store share best practices monthly, with the teams using their smartphone or the store's computer in a fun and engaging way.

Employees have become digitally skilled without even noticing it.

Luxury Goods :
Spot global trends faster to innovate faster

BEFORE: Markets visits feedbacks were lost in the continuous flow of information, so no real action was taken as a follow-up on activation or innovation ideas.

With the limitation of business trips to be more sustainable, local markets needed

to do more reporting, but it was done inefficiently.

AFTER: Local best practices, competitor activities & consumer trends can be found in seconds. Local markets reporting is efficient & engaging.

Market visits are much more efficient and dedicated to explore solutions.

Pharmaceutical :
Optimizing global wards processes & driving growth.

BEFORE: Every year there was an award ceremony to celebrate successes. The submission and voting phase were long & painful. After all this effort, the best practices that were awarded were not reused at scale.

AFTER:  The whole process is now fun & efficient, cutting down the organization time by 75%, The whole content is structured and organised. Winning best practices are then pushed to the local markets to be reused at scale to drive accelerated growth.

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