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WegrowMondayWins #2

To RE-USE #WegrowWednesdayWins 🎯

La Poste has reduced its CO2 emissions by 20% in 6 years.

Can you re-use the #WegrowMondayWins ?

Every week, we spot useful actions that YOU can RE-USE to drive sales, savings, CSR results or employees well-being.

La Poste has achieved carbon neutrality.


- Reduce CO2 emissions while engaging the teams.


- Analyze the entire chain of operations up to the client, and identify the points to prioritize vs their impact. For La Poste, this is the first and last kilometer. What about you ?

- Compensate in the short term the points where process improvement is not enough. This being said, the carbon offset solution is not sustainable on the long term. Exploring the circular economy, like La Poste, is a great initiative.

- Prepare for the long term with an energy transition plan.

To better understand -> post by Alexandre Berger: https://lnkd.in/dRayCYF

AND YOU ? Have you implemented initiatives to reduce your carbon footprint?

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