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Empowering sales excellence: Wegrow enhances Henkel's sales execution and collaboration

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DESCRIPTION: How Henkel has achieved their goals and objectives with Wegrow’s collaborative solution to share and scale best practices. We spoke with Jody Chitwood, Senior Manager, Field Sales- at Henkel, about her experience.

In the highly competitive business landscape of today, having an efficient platform to showcase sales execution and share best practices has become more important than ever. Sales teams need to be able to work collaboratively and effectively to drive revenue growth and gain a competitive edge. What is more, managing a team of people who are spread out across the country can be difficult, especially when it comes to collecting data and sharing information. This was the case for one of our clients: Henkel. They were using WhatsApp to collect pictures and data from their team but with no available means to retrieve them. Naturally, the process became time-consuming and frustrating for the team.

Q – What problems did you experience before using Wegrow? Before Wegrow, how did you use to share best practices or information in and between your teams?

A – Before using Wegrow, we relied on WhatsApp for communication, which is a great tool for instant messaging. However, WhatsApp lacked data collection capabilities. Our team would post pictures from stores every day, resulting in hundreds of photos without proper context. When someone requested a specific picture, I had to scroll through thousands of photos in WhatsApp, making it a time-consuming task. With Wegrow, we found a solution. It allowed us to collect and organise data efficiently. Now, our team can tag pictures with relevant information, making it easy to search for specific images using keywords. Wegrow has significantly improved our picture management process.

Q – What other types of content do you share on the platform?

We share best practices, shared ideas, and have a dedicated post type for asking questions. But what's really valuable is the tagging feature. For example, during a product spotlight at Lowe's, we can tag the Lowe's GE account team when posting related pictures. They receive a notification and can explore the content on their own. We also have a product spotlight function and the ability to tag Lowe's as a retailer. It's not just about collecting pictures; we encourage data sharing, best practices, and sharing interesting discoveries. Wegrow's startup process was seamless, and the team provided attentive support, helping us develop relevant tags for our needs.

Q – How did you find the implementation process with Wegrow?

A – The startup process was great! The team assigned to us was incredibly attentive and supportive. I took the lead on categorising and developing tags, with valuable input from my team. We had a few feedback moments where we reviewed and discussed what else we should consider. It was a collaborative effort, and everyone had a chance to contribute their ideas. Overall, it was a great experience, and we felt well-supported throughout the process.

When comparing Wegrow to other similar tools, several factors set us apart. One of the primary reasons our clients choose Wegrow is the ease of integration and setup. Unlike solutions that can take months to implement, we prioritise efficiency and aim to get your business up and running quickly. Our streamlined process enables you to start reaping the benefits in as little as six weeks. By launching during your slower periods, you have the opportunity to acclimate your team to the system before the peak season arrives.

Our team is known for our collaborative approach and responsiveness. We value your ideas and actively work with you to shape the platform according to your vision. What sets us apart in the market is our ability to adapt and provide flexibility as we continuously improve our service.

Q- What differences do you see between Wegrow and other similar tools?
Q – What differences do you see between Wegrow and other tools that you might have used in the past?

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When comparing
Wegrow to other similar tools, there were a few standout differences that made us choose Wegrow. Firstly, we wanted a solution that would seamlessly integrate into our workflow without extensive time-consuming integration processes. With Wegrow, we were able to get up and running quickly. Our target was six weeks, but we were actually testing it at four weeks from the moment we decided to proceed. Time was a significant factor in our choice, as we appreciated the ability to start using Wegrow without delay.

Another advantage was that we implemented it during the fourth quarter, which is typically a slower period for us. This allowed us to familiarise everyone with the process before the other alternatives we were considering would have even launched, possibly after the holidays when our business sees a peak. Wegrow's ease of use and the flexibility to discuss and shape our ideas with the team were also crucial factors. They were open to executing our vision, rather than imposing strict parameters.

I must mention that Wegrow provided us with a fantastic test program before signing the contract. We had a 30 to 60-day pilot program to evaluate the outcomes, and we were able to do that successfully. I highly recommend other companies to give Wegrow a chance. They are willing to show you the potential through this trial period. If you're not entirely sure or considering multiple vendors, challenge them and see what they can deliver within 30 days. And if you're not satisfied, they are understanding enough to walk away from the table. So, I encourage you to at least give Wegrow a chance.

By instantly sharing great ideas and best practices, the Wegrow library engages our multinational teams and inspires them beyond belief. The user-friendliness of the tool effortlessly facilitates communication between countries and saves time by quickly accessing a library of relevant and duplicatable practices and ideas.

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