Press Release

Press release

Wegrow raises 5 million euros to drive margin in large organizations through the sharing & re-applying of best practices in marketing, sales, HR & supply chain.


Paris, July 17th, 2023 –  

Wegrow, a Software as a Service, is the global leader for best practices sharing with global clients such as Unilever, Kraft Heinz, Mondelez, Henkel, Suntory, Barilla, Louis Delhaize or Puig.

$31.5bn of value is lost in Fortune 500 each year through failure to share best practices effectively (Harvard Business Review). Wegrow is addressing this issue, growing its revenue by 250% vs last year despite the global crisis because it helps its clients to save time, resources, and drive ROI to fight inflation. In the last quarter only, Wegrow has signed global contracts with The Coca-Cola Company in consumer goods, Reckitt in pharmaceutical and Circet in telecommunication.

The founder & CEO, Arnaud Sliwa-Biset says: “Wegrow is addressing the value void of best practice sharing by providing a platform for companies to share their best practices, driving return on investment by improving business efficiencies, replicating successful growth actions, and engaging employees. Essentially, we help businesses to avoid ‘re-inventing the wheel’. ‘We are helping global & local teams to really ‘win as a team’. Central teams are able to drive efficiencies, and local teams feel recognized & can access a repository of high quality best practices that they can ‘steal with pride’ in minutes’.

Wegrow raised 5 million euros with investors that include Shapr Ventures, Scalefund, Grow Invest, She1K and VU Venture Partners. 

This fundraising will help accelerate the global expansion of Wegrow, which already operates 90% of its business outside of France and 50% outside of Europe with a team of 40 with 17 nationalities based in France, Spain & Vietnam. 

Arnaud says that this fundraising will also ’help develop the use of artificial intelligence within Wegrow to detect faster best practices, and scale them in more markets. Our objective will be to increase the savings per business unit per year from 1M€ today to 10M€ by 2025. We will also develop customized versions of Wegrow adapted to new verticals such as transportation, banking & technology.” 

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